Welcome to TIO

Here at Talk It Out we are annoyed and frustrated by the abrasive, inflammatory rhetoric we are constantly bombarded with on the internet and even on cable and network television. Our website is an attempt to bring together reasonable people to "Talk It Out". Our guidelines were designed to create an honorable website where participants can have a mature conversation about issues that are important to them. We realize this approach is not for everyone. That’s okay because we really want to offer our followers a place where they can make their case without being attacked by trolls hiding in the shadows.

We purposely left out the ability to anonymously blog on our site. If you have something to say you have to register. Out of respect for our participants there is no anonymous commentary allowed.

TIO reserves the right to terminate any debater that we feel does't respect the carefully designed goals of this site.

The TIO management team certainly have opinions of their own but we sincerely try to keep this site objective other than the opinions of the debaters. If you sense any bias from the website please let us know at webmaster@talkitout.com

To participate you need to enroll on the site by creating a user name and password.

Our Mission