Debate Participants

Participants agree on a subject and choose to represent opposite positions.

The debate starts with the debate creator writing a brief statement introducing the subject of the debate.

The number of total entries, either 5 or 10, is determined by the debate creator.

Each debate entry is limited to 100 words.

Responses must be entered within 48 hours of the last opposing entry.

A reminder will be sent to the participant after 36 and then again after 42 hours.

If a response is not submitted after 48 hours the turn reverts to the opposing participant.

If any two turns are missed the debate is forfeited.

At the end of the debate each participant may enter a 200 word summary.

The summary is due within 72 hours after the last debate entry.

Summaries are released simultaneously after both participants have written theirs.

TIO has the right to remove members.

All written dialog becomes property of TIO.

Participants are provided with a Friends & Family link they can use to invite guests to view the debate.

Public debates can be viewed by anyone that logs in to TIO.

Private debates can only be viewed by the participants and anyone with a Friends & Family code.

The debate creator gets to select the option of being Public or Private.

Registered Members

Registered members may view both Headliner and Street debates.

Registered members may participate in debates.

Registered members may subscribe to active debates and receive emails when a debate entry is made.

Non-Registered Guests

Guests may view all active Headliner debates only.

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